Ourotech Bioink Genesis

Ourotech is a biotechnology startup, founded in 2015, that is changing the way cancer drugs are tested for the most innovative treatments. Ourotech measures drug resistance on a patient's tumor sample outside of their body so the pharmaceutical company can determine the best cancer treatment the first time. 

Ourotech was in a change of direction, primarily in their product, pivoting away from 3D printing software to proprietary bio inks for cancer researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Their website no longer represented their shift in product, so no one could see what they are doing now, view more information, clinical research or data.

My role was to work directly with the founder to design and develop their responsive website and product line of bioink to go to market and to improve site traffic and purchasing conversion rates.



The impact I had was giving this startup the ability to seek bigger VC funding, by having an effective website and products to share as the founder travelled to pitch in international competitions and overall helped them visualize their business, brand and product offering.

I started my re-design by conducting competitive audits to familiarize myself with the marketplace and competitors offering related products. The medical field has a very clean and sterile online presence, which carries over to the web design and information architecture. In creating the website's flow, copywriting and visual assets I considered this aesthetic. Ourotech is also a leader and as a startup has a certain fire and passion, so I wanted to showcase this characteristic of its brand as well, which influenced the overall aesthetic of the final design.


Website Before and After



The left shows the early stage product and lab canisters. The middle shows my rendering of the products for clients. The right shows the product offering on the website.

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