Plasticty Platform

 Plasticity is the first Engagement Platform to improve the health, happiness and well-being of employees by incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) in the workplace. Rooted in neuroscience, and backed by leading research in positive psychology and emotional intelligence, Plasticity helps individuals rewire for happiness throughout short and engaging activities as well as a social network to build community.

My role was to improve the look and feel of the Plasticity Platform product, to improve customer-focused features as well as a full redesign of the information architecture at a fast-pace. I re-architecured, designed and handed off the end-to-end experience in 5 months. It went on to be launched by another designer, but my foundation and IA remains in the launched product. 

The impact was that the improved product offering allowed the startup to acquire new clients such as Lululemon and Government of Canada.

I was unable to recover my process documentation however, I started with mapping the platform and sketching all the possibilities for the IA. I wireframed for about 4 weeks until I had compiled all pieces of the flow, had numerous reviews and revisions, then increased the fidelity, building a visual system that represents elegance and fun like the product as a whole. 

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