Amazon Publisher Services

2016 — 2017

Amazon Publisher Services is a suite of cloud services that brings publishers ads solutions and insights built by Amazon. Customers can easily improve revenue and decrease latency with our cloud-based marketplace, improve earnings with one simple cloud header bidding integration and explore how their audience engages with Amazon using aggregate shopping data. 

Goal: Launch a full-scale information architecture redesign of the suite and cloud services that bring high-quality solutions to external ad publishers.

Users: Ads managers, programmatic leaders.

Why: The original system did not manage or support the frequency or complexity of customer inquiries or provide the tools to automate manual, repetitive tasks or encourage building consulting relationship at multiple levels.

Role: Wireframing, IA, user research, personas, prototyping, product strategy.

Collaborations: I collaborated with another designer, multiple PMs and engineers. I worked on the UI/UX while the other designer worked on the visual design.

Process: My role was to partner with two designers, multiple product managers and senior leadership to break down and rebuild the suite's structure to improve these areas where the current system was lacking (journey map), while diving deep into our customers and their needs (personas, user studies). I specifically contibuted to the information architecture, layout and structure of the improved product. I also conducted audits of our industry competitors (competitive audits) and designed with Amazon best practices in mind (design guidelines) to bring Amazon's open and inviting brand to this once monotonous forefront. 

Outcome: The site is live and the team has seen growth in conversion rates and number of publishers.

1366 Analytics
1366 Shopping Insights

Original Design


Launched ReDesign



Usability Research

I developed prototypes throughout the early design stages to test different navigations. Once we had a strong direction, we used prototypes to test the new experience with current customers.


Visual Styling

Wireframes, made clickable through prototyping, were the basis of the information architecture redesign and flow improvements. We used these explorations to validate our hypothesizes around the organization of information for customers trying to compete tasks as quickly as possible. They helped us form an understanding of the complexity of these tasks and where we can simplify our structure to benefit our customers the most.

On the left is a wireframe, on the right, the design is more visualized.


Personas, Journeys and Site Map

Our team worked closely to identify the roles of our user base, using these personas to walk through our proposed IA improvements, site map, and journey flow. 


Selected Works

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