Instagram Shopping Try On

2019 — 2020

Brands that sell their products on Instagram can now add an augmented reality try on feature to product pages, starting with makeup and eyewear product categories. Consumers can try products on Instagram anywhere and make more confident purchase decisions by seeing how it looks in context through the immersive experience. Consumers can even buy directly on Instagram in augmented reality.



Goal: Help people build confidence in the products they're interested in. Design a seamlessly integrated and differentiated augmented reality experience in Instagram Shopping, Android and IOS.

Users: All Instagram users, beauty and fashion brands in Checkout.

Why: Users want to be able to try things on when online shopping because they’re unable to evaluate in person before they commit to a purchase. Brands want to add efficiency to the customer experience, aquire more customers and stimulate conversation about the brand.

My Role: Lead Designer, UX/UI design, prototyping, user research, marketing materials, product vision and strategy.

Process: Extremely agile, the project was ambiguous and broad in scope. To get a new feature (Virtual Try On) in a new product (Instagram Shopping) as an external team (Spark AR), I led the effort with product managers and designers on multiple Instagram teams, as well as communicated design decisions with product, marketing and partnership teams across different time zones. I researched prototypes I developed in collaboration with a technical artist, identified high-level problems, defined solutions and organized reviews to ultimately get consensus up to Head of Instagram Product on an end-end solution. 

Outcome: Try On is live today on the product pages of MAC Cosmetics, NARS Cosmetics and Warby Parker and RayBan with more to come!



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