Amazon StyleSnap

StyleSnap is a new visual search experience launched in the Amazon App to help customers easily discover inspiring fashion products on Amazon based on pictures they see posted by brands and influencers on social media feeds or from any other website. Customers can upload photos or screenshots of inspirational looks, or explore the looks of Amazon Fashion Influencers, to find visually or asethetically similar styles on Amazon.

The main customer problems were irrelevant search results and locating compatible options that match style/lifestyle. Customers struggle to find products from their visual inspirations that inspire purchases (i.e. pictures on social media, fashion bloggers) and some pictures lack sufficient information making them have to go through a major filtering, sorting, typing and re-typing exersise, to figure out how to describe what they are looking for.

My role as Design Lead was to work collaboratively with design, science, computer vision, product management and engineering. I worked with partner teams in Amazon Fashion and Amazon Search, to surface best practices around the display, filtering and saving of products.

More info and process coming soon. 

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